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Business Coaching – Step 4: Marketing
October, 3 2017 / Michael Armfield, ArmfieldGroup Life Coach
Don’t Let Marketing Scare You From Pursuing Your Dreams When you think of marketing for your business, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? If the thought of marketing your business brings emotions of fear and uncertainty, it is probably safe to say that you have not taken the time to really think about and plan for how you will attract your ideal customer. Wherever you find yourself in relation to... Read More
Business Coaching — Step 5: Metrics
October, 3 2017 / Michael Armfield, ArmfieldGroup Life Coach
The other day I was chatting with a business owner about his marketing campaign. He began to tell me how blessed he was as many new prospects were showing up at his business. It had been a long road to develop compelling marketing messages that were actually targeted to his ideal prospect. I celebrated with him and encouraged him to continue to measure the marketing dollars he was spending to correlate with actual new... Read More
Wellness Coaching: Improving Your Body and Your Mind Will Follow
September, 27 2017 / Michael Armfield, ArmfieldGroup Life Coach
There are many different types of coaches, and all of them can help you improve your life. Wellness coaches are no exception. Lately, wellness coaching is a popular trend. And there’s good reason for it. Find out what a wellness coach can do for you and what the benefits can be for you. What is Wellness Coaching? The answer to this question is simple. When you participate in wellness coaching, you hire someone to... Read More
CEO Coaching: What Can It Do to Improve Your Leadership Skills?
August, 24 2017 / Michael Armfield, ArmfieldGroup Life Coach
Being a CEO takes an arsenal of leadership skills. But even the most experienced of CEOs need help sometimes. That’s where CEO coaching comes into play. Many CEOs are turning to CEO coaching as a way to learn to lead their team. Instead of struggling, they get a helping hand. A little bit of help can go a long way. Here are a few reasons you could benefit from a CEO coach You May... Read More
Business Coaching Tip – Step 6: Invitation Versus Selling
June, 15 2017 / Michael Armfield, ArmfieldGroup Life Coach
One of the great joys I have in business is helping my clients understand the difference between sales and invitations. Selling is an attempt to convince someone that he or she needs your product or service. Yes, you read that correctly “to convince”. As you say that word aloud you may immediately feel a pressure building inside your gut and your mind quickly shifts to performance mode. For some, this can be exciting, but... Read More
Creating Legacy Requires Action
May, 11 2017 / Michael Armfield, ArmfieldGroup Life Coach
I remember being 9 or 10 years old when my Father brought me to the ocean and introduced me to surfing. I was so excited to be able to just paddle out and catch a wave and ride into the beach. I had watched my Father paddle into the surf and catch incredible waves as a little kid and I was mesmerized by this cool sport. I wanted to be able to do the... Read More
How can hiring a coach help me achieve my goals?
March, 15 2017 / Michael Armfield, ArmfieldGroup Life Coach
Today Business and Life Coaching are terms that you have more than likely heard of. You probably have a friend or colleague that has already incorporated having a coach on their team. Still many folks are unsure as to what a coach can do for them. To begin with, your coach’s role is to help you understand what you really want out of life. So many people have simply never made up their mind... Read More
Life Coaching: Release Yourself to the Change You Desire.
February, 1 2017 / Michael Armfield, ArmfieldGroup Life Coach
I sat with a Life Coaching client last week and we were replaying her last two months. With a smile from ear to ear she told me about the new man she had met, the yoga classes she was attending, the bliss of waking up and meditating, and her overall satisfaction as she looked at herself in the mirror. Wow, I could barely contain the joy that was welling up inside of me as... Read More
Business Coaching – Step 4: Your Business Plan
December, 13 2016 / Michael Armfield, ArmfieldGroup Life Coach
Are you building your Business Plan? After working with hundreds of business owners, I am still amazed by how business owners are working day to day without a long-range plan in place. Think about it, you would never try to drive to the Grand Canyon without first mapping out how much time you will need, identifying what routes will get you there, what it will cost, and planning for what activities you will enjoy... Read More
Business Coaching — Step 3: Your Mission
November, 29 2016 / Michael Armfield
How are you going to achieve your Business Vision? Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Over the last two weeks we have been guiding you through a process to build the foundations for your business. We began by helping you gain a clear Dream for your business. Next, we walked through a exercise to create a passionate and concise Vision statement for your business. How did these two exercises... Read More