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Business Coaching – Step 4: Marketing
October, 3 2017 / Michael Armfield, ArmfieldGroup Life Coach

Don’t Let Marketing Scare You From Pursuing Your Dreams

When you think of marketing for your business, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

If the thought of marketing your business brings emotions of fear and uncertainty, it is probably safe to say that you have not taken the time to really think about and plan for how you will attract your ideal customer.

Wherever you find yourself in relation to the topic of Marketing, I encourage you to take some time and think through this vital component of your business.

Before you spend a single dollar on your marketing campaign it is vital for you to have a thorough understanding of who your ideal customer really is. You may be thinking, anyone who buys my product or service is an ideal client. This is so far from the truth. Think about it. Who was the last customer you served that brought you great joy? They utilized your product or service, they loved it, they paid their bill on time, they referred you to a friend, and they continue to come back for more. Now think about the last customer that you served that did not follow your guidance, complained continually, and resulted in feelings of stress and anxiety.

Obviously the first customer I described is the kind of client you want to serve, right? If that is the case, then it is vital for you, your business, and your personal mental health to ensure your marketing campaign is directed to your ideal client.

Great business’s that are sustainable have figured out who their “ideal customer” is. They know so much about this customer that it becomes easy for them to create marketing messages that speak directly to their ideal customers.

Are you ready to begin working on your strategy?

Answer the following questions.

Go ahead and write out what you know today and you can go back and fill in the gaps later.

What need are you fulfilling? Is it a physical, spiritual, social, or cultural need?

Who needs your product or service?

Why do they need it?

What are some precipitating life events that occur before your ideal customer seeks your assistance or product?

How will your customer’s life be enhanced by doing business with you?

List five examples of what your customers have said to you after doing business with you.

How do you communicate to your ideal client?

Where does your ideal client spend most their leisure time?

How old is your ideal client?

Are they male or female?

What is the average amount of money your ideal client spends with your company?

Is your ideal client local?

Do you meet face to face with your ideal client?

Does your ideal client have children?

List some common behavioral traits that you have identified in your ideal clients?

What does your ideal client expect to receive by doing business with you? (best product, customer service, lowest price, etc.)

Once you have completed this exercise, go back and look at your current marketing efforts. Are the above details woven into your marketing messages?

Lastly list out the different channels that you are using for your marketing messages. Put each channel through a litmus test. Do these channels speak directly to the demographic you have created above?

By going through this exercise, you have begun to extract the information you need to ensure your marketing dollars are spent well and are actually reaching your ideal client.

In our next Blog we will walk through creating the metrics you need to have in place to help you evaluate your marketing messages each month and ensure you are receiving the “Return On Investment” that will allow you to reach your revenue goal.

Our mission is to help you achieve your Dreams. If reading our blogs and completing the exercises laid out for you has been helpful, please share this with your friends and colleagues. And, if you want to go faster and build your dream business by intention, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss how ArmfieldGroup can help you achieve that dream!