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Business and Life Coaching


"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail."

Benjamin Franklin


Do you lose sleep wondering why you are not succeeding?

Are you exhausted?

Did you know that when you discover your Dreams, identify the choices that donot produce results, create and work according to a plan, have checkpoints in place to measure your success, and have accountability for your goals, you will earn 60% more than those who do not?

For the last 21 years our business, our expertise and our passion, is to help you Discover what you want your Life and Business to become.  We will come along side of you to clarify your dream, and design and develop your plan of attack. Most importantly we will walk with you as you deploy your plan. We will provide you with the accountability, support, direction, guidance, motivation, objective perspective, training, and counsel you need to stay on the course to achieve your Dreams. With ArmfieldGroup by your side you will never feel alone again.

Are you ready to start living out your Dream?

Coach Lee Head Photo

Lee Armfield possesses over 30 years of experience as a member of a primary group of entrepreneurial managers who are credited with establishing the largest newsletter publishing enterprise in North America.

His areas of expertise include working closely with start-ups and mid-stage ventures, business cloning, business valuation and sale, and...

Coach Michael Head Photo

With a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, Michael Armfield knows how to utilize his passion for people with his ability to communicate and motivate those around him. Initially, Michael’s career focused on his strength of building up others – at first with at-risk children and teens, then with college students and ultimately with business professionals in the financial services industry. Functioning ...

Meet the Coaches

Client Success Stories

"Within 3 months, my business grew! And I grew!"

"I finally, saw a profit not only in my bank account, but in myself. Lee has a gift to see what I was struggling to find & master, and bring it out of me. Like a rudder & wind...& wind...

"Your guidance made a significant impact in our ministry."

"We have been able to secure and train 7 part time staff members who are all working as volunteers. We are on target to open our new store in late August...

"I saw the personal and emotional elements needed."

"I began working with Michael after making the decision to seek out a new career coach to help me with a professional transition. He walked beside me as both coach and counselor...

Happy business owners smiling, happy and encouraging others with applause

Are You Ready to Accomplish Your Dreams?

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