Our Coaching Process


How can hiring a coach help me achieve my goals?

Today Business and Life Coaching are terms that you have more than likely heard of. You probably have a friend or colleague that has already incorporated having a coach on their team. Still many folks are unsure as to what a coach can do for them.

To begin with, your coach’s role is to help you understand what you really want out of life. So many people have simply never made up their mind about this crucial piece of the puzzle. Life can be very demanding; you have your family, your home, your business or career, and let’s not forget about your hobbies and interests. There is so much going in your life that it is easy to just get in a rut of doing the same thing over and over again.


A great coach will take the necessary amount of time up front to ensure you are clear on what you really want. Once your goals have become crystallized, your coach will begin to help you identify what is getting in the way or holding you back from working toward achieving your goals. This is often a slow process as so many people are so used to playing the blame game. You know what I mean, “if my spouse would just…or if only my employees would start acting like adults.”


Blaming others for your lack of personal success, joy, or happiness will never create the opportunities for change that you desire. This is simply a way for you to avoid taking responsibility for your life. A great coach will help you zero in on this coping style you have adopted. Once you can see the big picture, then and only then can you actually begin working toward achieving your goals.


The next step in working with your coach is to begin setting goals and action steps that will lead you to the fulfillment of your goal. You and your coach will create a step-by-step action plan that has “to do” actions and most importantly, clear outcomes that can be measured. When you are in a solid groove with your coach you should begin seeing change and progress in your life and or business.


Each week you will meet with your coach and use them as a sounding board to report on how you are progressing and where you are still struggling. So often, clients begin the coaching process with a positive mindset and outlook. When they face challenges they typically revert back to old habits. This is where a great coach can do some of the most powerful work with you. Think about it, when you set out to create a change in your life and you do this alone, you often run into a road block and give up on your goal all together.


Your coach is not there to punish or scold you, he or she is there to again help you identify your impasse and come up with a different strategy. This process will repeat itself many times within your coaching relationship. The goal is not for your coach to fix you, but instead to help you understand your challenge and inspire you to continue trying new strategies until you are met with success.


When you are seeking out a Business or Life coach it is very important for you to interview your prospective coach. You will want to ask them how they work, what kind of methodologies will the incorporate, and what you should expect as an outcome from your coaching. The other thing you will want to pay attention to is how you feel when interviewing them. If your prospective coach reminds you of a harsh parent or teacher, you will probably not have a great success with them.

As you get to know your coach it is important for you to feel like you are driving this process. It is imperative that you create a sense of trust and synergy with your new coach. There will be times when your coach will need to press on you to help you achieve greater heights. If you do not trust that your coach has your best interest in mind and is committed to helping you achieve your goals then you should interview someone else.


Coaching has now become very main stream, which means there are a lot of newbie’s entering the profession. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but you want to ensure that you are going to work with someone that has been coaching for at least two years. I also suggest that you speak to some of their clients. If your coach is doing great work, they should have no issue with this request. If they are unwilling to provide you with references beware, there is probably a reason behind this. Lastly, I encourage you to learn about your prospective coach’s worldview. It is in your best interest to align yourself with a coach that shares your values.


If you are thinking about hiring a coach be sure to ask yourself why you want to add this kind of support and accountability into your life. As stated earlier coaches do not “fix” people, but a great coach can help you soar to new heights in your business and life.


Things to consider prior to hiring a coach.


  • Are you teachable?

  • How much are you willing to invest in yourself, and what kind of budget are you working to stay within?

  • How quickly do you want to begin experiencing incredible outcomes?

  • Will you want to work with your coach in person or via telephone and internet?

  • What areas of your life do you want to focus on?


As you seek out the right coach for you, I encourage you to think through what you read today. If you like the information I have provided you with, please feel free to share it with your friends.


If you still have questions about if coaching is right for you then head one of the links below to learn more about Business or Life coaching.


Or you can complete our Business or Life Assessment. This action step will help you clarify your need as well as help you get a better picture of where you are winning and losing in life. Once you have completed your assessment you will be contacted to schedule your complimentary coaching session.


Now you understand how a coach can help you soar to new heights. So the big question is are you ready to take one more step toward creating the life you truly desire?