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Client Success Stories

Michael's techniques have been revolutionary for my self-development.


"Where do I begin? Leaving my first session on day one I knew my life was about to turn around, all I had to do is show up and be receptive to the wise counsel Michael had to offer. With his help, I've gone from a place of discouragement, loneliness, and heartache to now feeling empowered, directed, and capable in all aspects of life. He has his special way of opening your eyes to the things that have always been there, especially illuminating God's handiwork in it all. Michael's techniques have been revolutionary for my self-development, by providing the realistic optimism and levelheaded open-mindedness towards achieving my life goals and personal aspirations. He really cares about his craft, and his love for people shines radiantly. I owe much to his passion and faithfulness, and choosing to work with him was the best decision I've made in my life as a young adult."

– J. Smallcomb

Grateful to Michael and Lee for the tremendous progress I’ve made.


"The Armfield Group has become a primary influence in my growth as an individual and business leader. They have helped me align my personal and professional goals and articulate my purpose and the purpose for my business. They have assisted me in the development of strategic and operational goals and objectives and to develop an organization that aligns and supports them. They have also facilitated a network of professionals that are now critical support in the ongoing operation of my business. I am grateful to Michael and Lee for the tremendous progress I’ve made and to their ongoing commitment and support of me and my business."

– D. Parker

Helping me build up my confidence and navigate life.

"The coach that I had and still am with is Michael, overall Michael has been exceptional at helping me build up my confidence and navigate life and the obstacles that present themselves along the way. When doing coaching sessions I have never felt intimidated by him or hesitant to share my thoughts and ask for help with certain things. He has also been exceedingly good in guiding me to the correct headspace when it comes to discovering solutions to my own problems. Overall Michael and the entirety of Armfield group has done an excellent job at aiding me in my endeavors and they would be my first recommendation to anyone that needs help with life coaching."

C. Orta

For anyone who is serious about growing their business.

"Lee Armfield has been a business coach for me the past 6 months as I to navigate realistic expectations as the director of several related businesses. His guidance has always been honest and forthright, helping me to re-evaluate my strategies and make key improvements to my approach. Mike also has a high moral standard that aligns with my own values - seeking win/win negotiations and building sustainable relationships in work and life.

I’d highly recommend Lee for anyone who is serious about growing their business while pursuing a fulfilling personal life. He will push you to work and I admire his forthright approach to coaching."

J. Hodge

The real surprise to me was how in-depth and valuable their discovery process is.


"Michael and Lee are real professionals who really care about your success. They really do an outstanding job of over delivering in every way. The real surprise to me was how in-depth and valuable their discovery process is. It sets up an amazing foundation for moving forward and big growth, and makes everything else so much easier down the road. I can’t thank Michael and Lee enough for the work they do, and I highly recommend ArmfieldGroup to anyone who needs help achieving massive personal and business growth. 5 Stars all the way."

– D. Verheist


"Michael and I spent a couple of hours together..."
"...and as always, I was blessed and encouraged. We both have eyes for entrepreneurship and out of the box vision. We dove into some questions and he clarified and enhanced our vision with clear analysis that gave value to Global Heart Ministries' kingdom impact. I like how his expectant energy becomes a catalyst for new and yet practical ideas."

S. Sharp


"Team MANG is off to a good start..."

"thanks to the expertise of the Armfield Group. As an upstart business, we were struggling to put all the pieces together to give our vision a solid launch. We reached out to the Armfield Team for professional advice and were so impressed by our first meeting and the discovery session that we invited them on board our boat for the next year to help navigate us to success."

K. Rossin


“I recently chose Armfield Group as I was searching out a life coach for my son."


"After speaking with Michael Armfield who was very professional, warm and understanding and fit the criteria I was looking for I knew that this would be a positive experience. Although my son has just begun this life coaching journey with Mr. Armfield his first meeting was a good one and he was very hopeful to continue on. Mr. Armfield has a lot of insight and wisdom to give and I am looking forward to him sharing this with my son. The fact that we are Christians and how and what we believe is respected by this Group and is also incorporated into the secessions was the icing on the cake for me as well as my son.”

– Denise B., on


“Within 3 months, my business grew! And I grew!"


"I finally, saw a profit not only in my bank account, but in myself. Lee has a gift to see what I was struggling to find & master, and bring it out of me. Like a rudder & wind, Lee guided my sail towards my dream destination with precision & accuracy, yet all along hauling out the business leader from within me. He reinforced time and again, that he was a part of my team, and we were determined to win!”

– N. Gordon

“…I walked out a better man."


"I came in for a one hour coaching session, and walked out a better man. Michael was knowledgeable, and gave me something to think about, and work on, in such a short a time. I can’t even imagine how profoundly he could affect clients if given longer time.”

– A. Pop


“Your guidance has made a significant impact in our ministry."


“We have been able to secure and train 7 part-time staff members who are all working as volunteers. We have also been able to raise $110,000.00 of the $120,000.00 needed for our new store renovation. We are on target to open our new store in late August. In addition, your guidance in the area of donor development has been rewarding both financially and relationally. Your encouragement and involvement with Taylor’s Closet has been such a blessing to me. I could never have accomplished everything that I have without your help and guidance.”


– L. Giambattista

"He walked beside me as both coach and counselor..."

"I began working with Michael after making the decision to seek out a new career coach to help me with a professional transition. While I went into it seeking tactical and strategic planning, Michael saw the personal and emotional elements needed just as much tending. He walked beside me as both coach and counselor while we explored each of my reasons for wanting the change in my life. The result of this conscientious process was deciding on a course that is thoughtful, well laid out, and exactly right for me.”

- A. Renberg

"...navigate the enterprise through virtually any strategic challenge."

“ArmfieldGroup’s talent lies not just in its ability to recognize the big picture, but also in developing and managing every minute component designed to establish the integrity of the organization as a whole. The ArmfieldGroup possesses a unique ability to see around the next corner and navigate the enterprise through virtually any strategic challenge”

- M. Giambattista


"My business and personal life are excelling."

"God was looking out for me on that glorious day we met at Chick-fil-A ! Ours was one of those rare chance meetings that left me with the feeling that somehow this new friend I had met was going to change my life forever. My intuition was right but at the time I had no idea the magnitude of the change that was about to occur. Like magic the universe was manifesting my inner most wants: a great friend of like mind, a business mentor and an earth angel to hold me in truth and light and best of all to make me accountable for my thoughts and actions. Wow I had a tall order! And I am proud to say I attracted an amazing sprit into my world and that is you! I am happy to say that over that past months through having you in my life my Spirit has begun to ignite again. I am clearer, stronger and more at peace. My business and personal life are excelling. My ability to handle challenges without reaction has increased. I am able to grow from these situations and see the beauty in their truth. I thank you for your patience and flexibility. And a special thank you for letting me be me and seeing the beauty in all."

- C. Thomas


"Our firm worked with the Armfield group and it was a life-changing experience."

To take the time to work on your business rather than for the business was a great change of pace for our firm, the team at the AG facilitated the discussions and gave us great direction and guidance. When we started with the AG our firm had minimal revenue and needed badly needed the coaching, through many of principles that we learned and some hard work we have grown the company 50-75% annually over the last 7 years. We are very happy with the results and would highly recommend Mike and his team to anyone who is looking to take the next step and grow their business."

- David D., on Google Review


"...maximize the Ministry's return on its members' resources."

"Lee's approach to change management was learned and is now practiced by many departments at CCM, even those outside of his span of control. This process -- the four D's -- has enabled Christian Care Ministry to logically approach change and to move from being reactive to being proactive. The second major area that Lee influenced was our messaging. In this area, Lee assembled a crack team to address not only the message but the correct mix of channels through which to deliver this message in order to maximize the Ministry's return on its members' resources. What is even more important than Lee's accomplishments, however, is his character. Lee's positive attitude and relationship-building approach puts his staff at ease but still produces the desired results."

- R. Baldwin

"You have the gift and give it so generously..."

“What you possess and have brought to our “table” is not something that just anyone in your field of expertise can achieve. You have the gift and give it so generously and seemingly so easily. As you know, I have sought other counsel, to no avail. There was no connection or feeling of accomplishment. I left with a feeling of even more sadness and worry and confusion. You have the perfect “fit” to relate to my son and me. You are teaching us how to help ourselves and in doing so, also benefiting each other.”

- T. Mankamyer

"Michael Armfield helped me tremendously..."


" bring out my God-given destiny, and helped me realize how much I am capable of and what I can achieve. I highly recommend his wisdom."

– M. Barto

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